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September 14th 

7:30am - 9:00AM
Hardin Arena in Kay Rodgers Park

$10 a person — $25 per family
Purchase tickets HERE

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Trail of Tears
Motorcycle Ride

Trail of tears ride will start @ 10am leaving from Kay Rodgers Park on Saturday, September 14th.

Sponsor a Motorcycle Rider HERE

To sponsor a Motorcycle rider please visit HERE or use the mail-in your form located on the back of the brochure you might have received. 


Inflatable Nerf Gun Shooting Range

Stay tuned for details on ultimate nerf gun wars!


Key Log Rolling

MAKING AN OLD SPORT NEW AGAIN — We love to log roll. And we love to share our passion for this historic American sport. A few years ago, we realized that our sport was carrying too much weight…literally, the logs were too heavy! We teamed up with innovative engineers and found the solution: the Key Log®, a 65-pound synthetic log that you fill with water at your destination. With its patented baffled system, the Key Log floats, spins, and reacts just like a traditional cedar wood log.


Morrell Targets

We will have 3D pop-up archery and stationary targets for kids. Archery for all ages! Bring your own bow for the 3D Archery