A Leader of Men by Rebekah Moore

The Dan Burton FCA Outdoor Expo is a great way to honor my dad. He loved and was involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, he loved the outdoors and hunting, but most of all my dad loved the Lord and his Savior Jesus Christ.

My dad had a deep love for the Lord which lead him to serve Him in many ways in his ministry. He had a heart for the lost. So with that, FCA became a big ministry for him. Because of us four kids, he got involved with the Greenwood FCA school huddle. He would invite bus loads of kids out to the ranch. He would prepared food for hundreds of kids and became pretty famous for his cowboy beans. When the buses got there he would serve the kids, then he would have games but the most important part would be when he presented the gospel. It was such a joy to see him serve the Lord! He was able to use his ranch for the Glory of God by allowing different schools, churches, and groups to come and be fed and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

My dad loved to hunt! He would try to get away several times a year to hunt. He has several trophies like whitetail, elk, and bear. But he wanted to take on more adventurous hunts like a moose hunt where he hunted from a boat going down the Iditarod and Onoco River. And then killing a buffalo with a bow, a huge grizzly bear in Alaska, a couple of wolves, a caribou, a Mountain lion and a ram. He added some Africa animals to his trophies in his later years. He would continue his ministry on his hunts. He would always talk and share about the Lord to a guide that might be with him on the hunt or the pilot flying him to a remote place to hunt.

He lived his life for The Lord and wanted to witness and be an example to all he met. Dan Burton was a leader of men and a follower of Christ.