Excerpt from a Journal Post by Rebekah Moore (Dan’s Daughter) – 2/9/2010

Been reading Psalm 23 almost everyday since January 2nd when we were in Little Rock. My dad bought this DVD (he does that a lot) about Psalm 23 and the title was Psalm 23 for People with Cancer. Here's the thing - he bought it back in the Spring!! Anyway, he brought it to Little Rock and mom and I sat down to watch it on the computer while at the hospital. It was very good....and since then I wanted to try to read it everyday and memorize it. I now have it memorized, but I am continuing to read it every day as I want to understand it word for word.

This morning I read it when I got up...and I read it out of Dave's NKJV bible, and this is a little something that was good for today. "Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” These tools were used by a shepherd for protection and direction....direction!! Exactly what we have been praying for here lately. What direction will the Lord want for my dad? How amazing it is to know that Our Shepherd will direct us....what a WONDERFUL feeling! So yes, we have a big day today but let's not worry about it....the Lord is directing us! I love knowing that my dad has a relationship with the Lord and will wait on Him to direct him with the decision on the treatment of this cancer.

Again pray for them as they fly, pray for my dad's sickness to go away, pray for my dad's hip, pray for my mom that she will have peace and comfort today....which she will because that's what the rod and the staff is there for.....comfort!! Oh, the Lord is AMAZING!! I only wish everyone knew that...well thank you all for your prayers!! We love you and appreciate you! – Rebekah