Excerpt from a Journal Post by Rebekah Moore (Dan’s Daughter) – Feb. 2010 about this day in 2009

On December 14, 2009, my dad came into the hospital with bad headaches. They did some testing that showed he had 2 areas on his brain. The next day after more testing we found out for sure it was 2 brain tumors. They continued to do more tests….and we got bad news after bad news. He has esophagus cancer that had spread to other parts of his body…so many parts!! We stayed at the hospital for four days and out of those four days my dad had over 150 visitors. And my dad was on steroids so he was talking our ears off!! Even though we continued to get bad news, we knew that the Lord had something GREAT with all of this…and we had a blessed time. The following week was Christmas and our family enjoyed every second of it.

We have been so blessed to have a man like him as our dad. Even though this challenge has been so very hard, it really has been a blessing too. And we thank the Lord for it all. Last night was a great blessing as his brother, David, read some great scriptures and we all had a great talk….our family and Bob Moore. Most of us stayed again last night and Bob and David stayed too. Like I have said, our family is blessed….
We are ready for whatever God wants. He has it all planned out and we have complete FAITH in HIM. NO MATTER WHAT! God is good yall and He knows what is best.”

We are pleased to announce that we (Dan’s family, friends, and the River Valley FCA) are working on the Dan Burton FCA Outdoor Expo for the Fall of 2018 to honor Dan’s life by bringing together the two things that he was most passionate about, the outdoors and the message of Jesus Christ. Please like this page to stay up to date with our progress. We will be posting more of Dan’s story, giving away great prizes, and providing all the details about the Expo over the coming months. We also covet your prayers as we begin this journey. Join us!